Announcing ...

Country Strings' first recording

Included on this instrumental recording ...

Coileach An Lae/Irish Washerwoman/Hugh O'Donnell
Flop-Eared Mule/Black Mountain Rag
Reunion ( Robin Gaiser)/The Shepherd's Wife
Road to Lisdoonvarna/Swallowtail Jig
Duke of Kent
Golden Slippers/Liberty
Five Foot Two
Sandy River Belle
John Ryan's Polka/Knockabower Polka
Si Beag, Si Mohr/Hewlett
Temperance Reel/Pigtown Fling
Lady Mary
Wildwood Flower/Redwing
Scotland the Brave
Texalousasippibama Rag ( Joyce Harrison)

... played on hammered dulcimer, Autoharp, pennywhistle, guitar, mountain dulcimer, tongue drum & bodhron.

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Reviews of Country Strings' CD, "The Road to Caleb's House."

Robin Gaiser wrote one of the CD's recorded pieces, "Reunion."

"I  finally got a chance to really listen to the CD and especially to 'Reunion'.   What a lovely rendition with autoharp and pennywhistle.  You have captured its contemplative spirit!  It moved me."
.... Robin Gaiser, NY  (March, 2003)

Susan Trump purchased our CD at the National Trail Festival in April, 2003.  See her review below. 
We are thrilled!

"Country Strings debut CD, "The Road to Caleb's House" is a smashing success! It is a great selection of familiar tunes and old favorites sprinkled with a  few originals and surprises. It takes the listener on a gentle journey through traditional American, Irish dance tunes, waltzes and airs played on hammered dulcimer, mountain dulcimer, guitar, pennywhistle, autoharp and various percussion instruments.  The major strength of Country Strings is their tasteful and interesting arrangements.  The CD is a great example of how to use our instruments to compliment one another, highlight certain phrases of the tunes and weave in and out sharing melody and harmony. The use of the pennywhistle was particularly effective in this role; catching the ear with its presence and gracefully passing the melody back to the lead instruments.  The technical aspect of this CD also deserves mention.  Each instrument is distinctly heard within the lovely blend of the band's overall sound.  This clarity adds to the delight of the listener.  Upon hearing the CD, I can understand why Country Strings is in such demand for live performances.  "The Road to Caleb's House" is a feel good, lift your spirits and tap
your toes CD which will bring enjoyment at each hearing."  
.... Susan Trump, NY  (August, 2003)

Both hammered dulcimers played on our recording are Cloud Nine Dulcimers made by Michael Allen.  His comments mean a lot to us.

"I have listened to your new CD a few times now, and I really enjoy  it.  You can hear the joy involved on the part of the musicians.  ....  Good work!  Excellent sound quality as well.   ... Michael Allen, OH (January, 2004)

Comments from the Dulcimer Player News ...

"The tunes are mostly traditional ... and several more, including a lovely version of "Reunion" written 
by Robin Gaiser."      
                                                                                         'What's New' by Neal Walters (DPN -- August, 2003)

Thoughts from our musician friends ...

". . . It's enough just working on a project that turns out so well and is music that I enjoy."
                       Jeff Templeton (our mixing/mastering engineer), IN (February, 2003)

"It's awesome...I love the selection of tunes...and it's got some of my favorites on it ..."
                                                                                                                                 Mary Jo, OH (March, 2003)

"YES! A good one!!  I have it playing for the second time as I type this note to all ... 
It is a great recording.  Hats off to all of you for the willingness and efforts you had to exert in order to come up with such a fine first recording.
         Sonie, PA  (March, 2003)

"... I love "The Road to Caleb's House."  I play it all the time in my car. ... please let me know if you have any new CD's out."
Nancy, PA  (July, 2003)

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